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Monitoring Contractors Take Home Pay

Self employment workers and independent contractors find it difficult to manage their finances. It is important to monitor the amount to be maintained by the independent contractors after deducting the tax from the revenue. Contractor Take Home Payenables the self employment workers to know the liabilities pertaining to tax at a given limit of time. Read more »

Everything you need to Know About your IR35 Contract Guide and Solutions

What is IR35? IR35 solution is made for those who want to affect all the contractors who do not meet the self-employment options. They are used in the system of the increased tax and the liability amount which is to be paid. These are done for the contracting companies that are used in the retaining Read more »

Ways To Pay Independent Contractors

Making payments differ from employees to independent contractors. Initially the difference between the employees and the independent contractors must be deciphered. Independent contractors are those who work for a company on contract basis. They are independent business owners. Independent contractors will not be under direct monitor of the company. They are not employees as well. Read more »

The Independent Contractors And Their Tax Payments

 The way the independent contractors get paid differ from the employees. An independent contractor are those who work for a concern on contract basis. An independent contractor will not be in direct control of the employer. The independent contractor will not enjoy the benefits of employees and has to pay the self employment tax. The Read more »

All You Need to Know About Umbrella PAYE Scheme

Introduction to Umbrella PAYE Financial considerations is one factor to be considered  by the contractors before they choose and sign an agreement with the Umbrella companies. Umbrella companies charges certain fees to the contractors. Umbrella company charges the fees in two structures. A monthly or a weekly fee. A fixed fee structure is charged by Read more »


The companies now a days are resorting to blanket bans using umbrella-based companies because the public bodies are trying hard to mitigate the risk involved in hiring contractors outside IR35 which has tax liability. Some have tried to incorporate pay as you earn method for tax deduction purposes. This will enable the insurance agencies to Read more »


In the umbrella company there will the company behind you to do all the paperwork and the tedious one being filing the tax returns. Hence many contractors choose the PAYE umbrella company over the limited company option. The umbrella company will be finding jobs for you and it will pay for the social benefits as Read more »

The Significance of IR35 Insurance: Making every move towards a policy count

Tax and insurance go hand in hand. While it is really for all to have an insurance claim ready, there are so many ways in which the policy can be secured to save the issue of taxation. The legislation that controls the taxation and insurance policies, claim to keep a controlled check on the IT Read more »

Protect yourself with IR35 Insurance

IR35 has always remained a confusing term for the contractors. The insurance is basically designed for assessing if the contractor is actually a genuine one or any disguised employee looking for different ways to avoid tax. The self-employed contractors working with their limited companies enjoy a good level of efficiency in tax, however, they are Read more »

A Beginner’s Guide to Contracting Successfully

Many people leave their full-time jobs to have a slice of contracting. Contracting is a way of providing your skills or services to a client or company for a specified period of time. It is preferred by most these days because of its high earning potential. On top of that, you get to choose how Read more »