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No hidden fees for getting IR35 Solution – Check out here for more details

IR35 is Intermediary tax legislation or law that is designed by workers to combat tax avoidance. These workers will give their services to clients through a small company, but he will be an employee if the company is unused. They are often called disguised employees. In order to prevent these kinds of people from not Read more »

Contractor tax calculation in an umbrella company

Most of the individual choose an umbrella company to reduce their administrative burdens. They seem confusing for new contractors and those who haven’t used them before. Hopefully, this article helps you to understand the relationship between the client, agencies, umbrella companies, contractor tax calculator and more. The working pattern of the Umbrella company The umbrella Read more »

Everything you need to Know About your IR35 Contract Guide

What is IR35? IR35 solution is made for those who want to affect all the contractors who do not meet the self-employment options. They are used in the system of the increased tax and the liability amount which is to be paid. These are done for the contracting companies that are used in the retaining Read more »

Monitoring Contractors Take Home Pay

Self employment workers and independent contractors find it difficult to manage their finances. It is important to monitor the amount to be maintained by the independent contractors after deducting the tax from the revenue. Contractor Take Home Payenables the self employment workers to know the liabilities pertaining to tax at a given limit of time. Read more »